Mini Circular Saw

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are left to our own creativity in trying to figure out what activities are best to invest our time in while we are stuck during the lockdown with perpetual boredom. Some people found coloring to be a good outlet, some are trying out sewing, and some likes carpentry. Yes, woodworking has gained tremendous support and following during the pandemic as it lets people renovate, redecorate, and DIY fixes.


Woodworking is a great outlet to channel your creativity into making useful and positive crafts. Still, it requires particular tools to cut the woods like mini circular saws and chisels to make it work. Mini circular saws are great for cutting wood, PVC, tiles, and even cement, which has led to them being sought after by many. Here are their benefits:

  • They Are Light

Hence the name mini circular saw; they weigh only four pounds which makes them very light and could be handled easily with one hand. You don’t need a whole lot of grip strength to manage them, unlike a full circular saw that weights double that of their miniature version.

  • They Are Comfortable

As mentioned briefly in the point above, mini circular saws are comfortable because they are small, which gives us a gripping benefit so we can easily hold them and maneuver our way into making precise and detailed cuts on the wooden material that we’re working on. Thus, making them the perfect ergonomic wood cutting tool on the market.

  • They Are PowerfulCircular Saw Metal

Even though they are smaller in size, the designers do not sacrifice their wood cutting capabilities and compact size performance. As a matter of fact, mini circular saws can cut through a two-inch-thick wood effortlessly. This really shows us that good things do come in small packages.

  • They Are Cost-Effective

Smaller size eventually leads to smaller blades, smaller spare parts, smaller motor, smaller everything! Since they have smaller blades, naturally, the motor size will be smaller too, and the voltage that is needed to operate the toll will also be cut down, making them very cost-effective in terms of their performance.

  • They Come in Many Designs

Aesthetics could be a deal-breaker for some people. Depending on how high you put aesthetics on your priority scale, mini circular saws could make you fall in love or turn away in disgust. They have variants of designs and colors that can be very eye-catching. Some are made with bigger blades that made the tool look like a car’s rim on a stick, and some are shaped like a mechanical shaver. Nevertheless, both are perfectly designed and tested to create precise cuts with minimum errors while also look appealing to the eyes.

The Takeaway

Everything becomes more interesting if you are bored, and if you don’t have the drive or reason before to start woodworking, then maybe there is a blessing in disguise amid this pandemic. Start by looking for which circular saw to buy and learn the ropes around carpentry!