hardwood floor vacuuming

Hardwood floors are some of the most visually appealing and elegant flooring options you can have. However, you have to clean them properly to ensure they maintain their appeal and value. You can get a good cordless vacuum for wood flooring to keep your home clean.

You have to know the right cleaning products to use and processes to follow to get the cleanliness you need and keep the floor shining. You must also determine the finishing on your floor because different finishes require different maintenance methods.

Choose the Right Products

You can always ask your contractor to recommend some good products for cleaning hardwood flooring, depending on the finishing you have. Most wood flooring manufacturers will recommend specific products that will not damage the floor surface. Just make sure the product is safe for your family and pets. It should not leave any residue on the floor but should still be effective enough to remove all the stains and debris.

Another alternative is to use the products you use at home, like vinegar. Add white vinegar to water and wet mop the floor. Be careful when mixing and test a small portion of the floor. A highly concentrated mixture could make the finishing dull.

Mopping Hardwood Floors

Mopping is one of the easiest and most effective methods of cleaning hardwood flooring. You can dry mop or wet mop depending on how dirty the floor is and how long it has been since your last cleaning. 

Dry mopping is better if you want to remove surface stains and dirt, while wet mopping is ideal for removing spills or anything that is smudged on the floor surface. To dry mop, use the mop without any water, and when dry mopping, try not to make your mop too wet. It should be dump enough to remove the smudge without making the floor too slippery.

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Stain Removal

It’s always advisable that you wipe off spills as soon as they occur to prevent them from being absorbed into the floor. The finishing you have will determine how fast the stain will be absorbed or if it remains on the surface. Hard finishing will keep the stain on the surface, making it easier to wipe off. 

Spills on soft oiled finishes, on the other hand, will be harder to clean as they penetrate quickly. For dark stains, use vinegar and floor wax and for shoe stains, use floor wax. Remove oil-based stains with detergent and cloth and remove watermarks with mineral spirits. You can apply the wax with steel wool.